Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's been real...

There's probably some sort of blogger law that you have to do a New Year's reflections and resolutions post.  2012 was interesting to say the least, so without further ado:

  • Started 2012 off with a date that ended in craziness, at least it makes for a funny story now. Moral of that story: Low key NYE plans are a much better choice and be careful who you let set you up on dates. 
  • Had some god awful vertigo. DC stepped in and played the role of "mom" and took care of me when I alternated hurling and sleeping for 3 days straight. 
  • Trails and tribulations of dating. Really don't feel like reliving pretty much any of those experiences. Again, make for funny stories for my friends and really, it's like a PSA for my coupled friends. They probably all go home and thank their lucky stars they don't have to deal with the dating. 
  • Lost my full time job. Still don't have one. I did have 2 job offers that I turned down for a variety reasons. Am 95% sure I made the right choice in not accepting either job.
  • Took a break from blogging. Still undecided how long I will continue. Really, since I spend most of my time worrying about and looking for full time employment. Fun times really.  
  • Completed Pure Barre training and am currently teaching classes every week. Lift.Tone.Burn.
  • Took on a leadership role within the Junior League. Completed a number of volunteer hours with  some fantastic community organizations.
  • Won a lottery spot in the NYC Marathon. Didn't get to run, because Superstorm Sandy is a destructive B*tch. 
  • Celebrated one year of home ownership.
  • Watched one of my best friends get married, and saw the 1st children of my long time BFFs turn one year old! Hurray for Elmo birthday parties! 
  • Beyond thankful for the friends that are so supportive in good times and in trying times. I am so lucky to have such fantastic friends who can be counted on with supportive words, hugs, wine, and cute dogs.  
Not really feeling the whole resolutions thing, my main focus needs to be securing full time employment asap.  
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